Health & Vitality in Organizations

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Health & Vitality in Organizations

Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, whereas vitality is a state of strength and activeness. Healthy and vital employees are a valuable asset for organizations because they are the backbone of high-performing organizations. Without them, organizations either perform under the optimal level or subject to financial costs and work disruption due to potential burnout.

Track & Intervent

Vast scientific evidence suggests the importance for organizations to invest in the health and vitality of their employees. To do so, organizations can track employee health and vitality and provide preventative interventions before more severe problems occur.

Research Approach

As a world-leading research group on occupational health, our group is experienced in developing customized tools to assess and improve employees’ health and vitality for a variety type of organizations. These scientifically proven tools address key factors in the organizational environment and individual employees, and capture both physiological and psychological aspects of health and vitality.

What we can do for you

Assessment of health and vitality indicators (e.g., burnout, work engagement) and compare them to benchmarks.
Link between health and vitality indicators with physiological indicators (e.g. cortisol, heart rate)
Scans of working conditions (e.g., work pressure, autonomy) and analyses of them to employee health and vitality.
Tailor-made and evidence-based technological and social interventions for health and vitality improvement.

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