Sustainable Social Innovations

Focus: Research and advice for companies on optimizing the implementation of (technological) innovations by taking into account the role of human/social factors.

Our Story

Problem: Slow User Adoption

In order to have competitive advantage, organizations are constantly changing and innovating, this offers many possibilities but research shows that it doesn’t happen smoothly. Particularly it seems that even the most positively framed innovations and changes are not automatically adopted by the users.

Our Vision

Our vision is that in order for change or innovation to be successful the new situation needs to be designed around the users, and that users need to have the opportunity to adapt and influence the new the situation to a certain extent.

Research Approach

Our group consists of experts on technology implementation and organizational change. We do evidence based research on how innovations can be implemented in the workplace.  We approach innovation and change in a positive manner, such that they are implemented sustainably creating positive outcomes for the organization and its employees. We are experienced in developing and testing tailor made interventions for various organizations (e.g., healthcare, retail, public service, logistics, high tech).

What we can do for you

We can help you to measure: is your workforce ready for change or what is the impact of change in your organization? We can help you to get these data.

Interpretation & Strategizing: we can assist you making decisions regarding change design and implementation.

Implementing:  When change is on its way, we can still help with tailor-made adjustments to increase the adaptivity.

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